About me

Tomàs Safont-Tria was born in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (Barcelona) on 1946. After studying industrial delineation, he was trained as a painter in Jordi Arenas’ workshop, in the city of Mataró. With this academic foundation, he started a long journey towards a more personal exploration of oil paint and drawing, where the colour became the main character.

Safont-Tria rapidly earn a reputation for his landscapes: color strokes that form light and shadow contrasts of Mediterranean sights. This vision was a result of his relationship with the artist Josep Boix i Soler. The featured colors and transparencies break the pigments that form nature, while pretending to unify the memory of a place –of an ambience– over the canvas.

He equally considers portraits and figures, as pieces of an atmosphere that is made of light, air and color. Figures and landscapes behave as a same: a space occupied by the chromatic spectre. In his stylistic evolution, the strokes widen until becoming stains dancing over the picture. The colors are released from their outlines, as solid air modelled and applied over the represented bodies. Safont-Tria visualizes, paints and expresses the chromatic density of the atmosphere: a breath of sensations.